Budgeting for Air Force BMT Graduation

Are you planning on attending Air Force graduation? If the answer is yes, then I have three words for you. Save! Save! Save! Did you get that? Graduation is not cheap, unless you are rolling in dough and can throw a grand on a weekend. For all the normal struggling people out there I have some tips for you. First decide if you are driving or flying. For most driving is more cost effective but there are those that it is just to far to drive. If you choose to fly the best Airline to do so is Southwest. If for what ever reason you have to change your trip dates, Southwest lets you put that money you used towards a new trip. Now to booking a hotel. Book as soon as possible and monitor the prices. I personally used Expedia and used the book now and pay later feature. Since I did monitor the prices, I ended up canceling and rebooking three times. Because prices do change daily, and I was able to get a better deal. If you are flying another expense to consider is the price of renting a car. Uber’s or taxis are not allowed on to the base, because the drive needs to be cleared to be on base by having a military ID. They are allowed to drop you off at the gate but that would mean you would have to walk all over the base. Just in case you didn’t know military bases are like mini cities, so that would be a lot of walking. Thus leaving the best option to rent a car. The finale two expenses are the cost of food and activities. The price of these all depend on what you would like to spend and what your Airmen would like to do. I hope this helps you out in being able to afford ¬†going to Air Force BMT graduation. It truly is a special time. Safe travels.


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