10 Things To Do Before Your Recruit Leaves For BMT

Hey guys. So my husband, Terrence left for BMT on May 9th, 2017.  I just want to share 10 things that we did before he left to make the process as smooth as possible. Now I am a spouse so if you are a fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend some of these will not apply to you.

  • VARL- Vistors Access Request Letter.
    • You can have up to 10 non-military adults attend your graduation
    • No changes can be made to this form after WOT 3
    • Visitors access passes should be mailed out by WOT 5
    • Copy Of VARL
  • Go Over The BMT Packing List
    • The BMT packing list was recently changed after the new backpack initiative.
    • Make sure they have all mandatory items
  • Make Pre- addressed Envelopes
    • Your trainee will not have a lot of time to write so having its addressed already helps out.
  • Pay All Bills Before They Leave
    • It may be a while until that first check comes in.
    • Set up auto payment for the bills starting on the second check that you should receive
  • Have a Copy Of Your Trainee’s Dream Sheet
    • We were told by my husbands recruiter that spouses also get a copy of the dream sheet to fill out. So to make sure it lines up I have a copy of all the bases he would put down
  • Have a copy of his Job’s
    • Terrence went in general aptitude so he did not have  job set when he left.
    • He would be finding out his job in WOT 6  so I wanted to have a list of the jobs that he qualified for with the location of there Tech schools and the duration of the additional training.
  • Make Sure Your Spouse Is On The Lease
    • SCRA ( Service Member Civil Relief Act)
    • This allows you to cancel your lease with any document stating that you will be away on military orders.
  • Join Air Force Wing Moms
    • They have an awesome Facebook group that helps out so much with support and with any question you may have.
  • Have a Copy of the Dependents Information
    • This includes social security card, marriage license, state ID, and birth certificate.
    • Your Trainee will use these while in BMT to get you enrolled into DEERS.
  • Have a Copy of You Bank Information
    • Your recruit will need a voided check, direct deposit form, or a letter from your bank with the account information so that they can start getting paid.
    • If they do not have this information they will have to open a new account on base.

These are my ten tips to help you guys out. All of these my husband and I used before he left and it really has made the process so smooth. If you have any additional tips that you think we help people going through the same thing feel free to leave them in the comments down below. Until next time. 


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